Friday, January 06, 2012

Need a little bit of help in getting those goals set?

Give your business a jumpstart and make 2012 a banner year! We all know that people and businesses with goals go farther faster, but we still don't do it. Why not? Make a plan to get yourself on the fast track. Join us for one half day and develop a personal performance plan and learn how to put the systems in place that help you achieve your goals.

What will we cover?
  • Goal Setting
  • Strategies
  • Behaviors
  • Accountability
7:45 AM - 8:20 AM Registration / Breakfast
8:30 AM - 12:00 PM Workshop Sessions
What’s included:
Fabulous buffet breakfast
All workshop materials
About the Presenters: 
Phil Yanov
Phil Yanov is a Technologist, Columnist and Public Radio Commentator. He is the founder of Tech After Five as well as the founder and President of the GSA Technology Council. His personal technology column appears in Greenville Business Magazine and the Columbia Business Journal. He co-hosts the Your Day technology shows heard on NPR radio stations across South Carolina. He is a frequent contributor to technology stories appearing on radio and television and was recently named among Greenville South Carolina's fifty most influential people.
Russ DavisRuss Davis is an expert on sales results and runs the Sandler Sales Institute® office in Greenville. He has many years of business management and development experience, prior to opening the Greenville offive, he spent seven years associated with the Sandler Sales Institute in Pittsburgh, PA. Prior to that he founded an environmental firm in Pennsylvania which was sold to Waste Management Inc. in 1997. He has a BS from the University of Delaware and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Time is running out!

Join us! for a live Connectorati Event.

Have you heard the ads on the radio?

Join us for the Connectorati Intensive! Create. Connect. Conquer. Build your network. Build your Business.

Having trouble making the connections you need? Can't get people to return your calls? Tired of other people or businesses building their networks effortlessly? It's time you got connected to the three powerful principles at the core of… The Connectorati.

We've got Gil Gerretsen, Phil Yanov and Russ Davis for a full day of connecting goodness. We don't want you to miss out on this event. Use discount code C148 to get into the event for only $99.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Connectorati #202 - Why bother with professional networking?

Too many times it is easy to show up at a professional networking event and walk away with nothing. This feeling of futility, the waste of time, can be avoided. If you prepare for the event and establish a few ground rules before you go, you can make the connections you need. Learn the power of goal setting and more in this episode of the Connectorati podcast.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Do You Really Want to Win a Beauty Contest?

It's a new episode of the Connectorati Podcast for 2011! Join Phil Yanov and his guest Russ Davis as they talk about the unexpected impacts of winning awards and accolades. Having just the right spotlight shine upon you or your business can bring an untold Public Relations bonanza! Phil and Russ talk about winning and losing and how to create a plan for winning the FREE PR associated with business awards.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Connectorati #106 Video, Leighton Cubbage Interview and effective meeting

In this episode of Connectorati our panel discusses how to use video on the web to share your business message, An Interview with Leighton Cubbage about how he is using his network to build a new type of real estate venture and finally they discuss what it takes to have an effective meeting.

Leighton Cubbage has been the chief executive officer of Ionosphere since 2001 and was the co-founder, president, and chief operating officer of Corporate Telemanagement Group in Greenville, South Carolina from 1989 until 1995, when the company was acquired by LCI International. Since 1995, Mr. Cubbage has been a private investor maintaining investment interests in a telecommunications company, a weekly newspaper, car dealerships, and a trucking company. He is a 1977 graduate of Clemson University with a bachelor’s degree in political science. Mr. Cubbage is a former member of the Greenville Technical College Foundation Board, is a member of the Clemson University Entrepreneurial Board, and chairman of the Greenville Hospital System board of trustees.

Leighton's latest venture, Serrus Capital Partners, is showcased in this podcast.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Create, Connect, Conquer - Become a Connectorati - April 27

Join us on April 27th for our first live event!  It's a Connectorati Intensive where we reveal the tools for building powerful, results oriented professional networks.

Register for Create Connect Conquer - How to Become a Connectorati in Greenville, SC  on Eventbrite

Learn how to...

Create A Message People Will Remember. 

In a world of information overload you have only seconds to capture someone's attention. You've got to find a way to stand out from the crowd and engage your audience at an emotional level. Using basic principles that apply to any situation, you can change the way people react to you and make that meeting memorable and actionable.  Make your business 3D.  Session led by Gil Gerretsen.

Connect With People Who Can Advance Your Goals

Learn how to build a powerful personal and professional network of people that you can help and that can help you advance your professional goals. Finding the right people, connecting with their natural instincts, and having them join you in a common goal is both easier and harder than it sounds.  In this session learn how to find and build your pack of wolves. Session led by Phil Yanov.

Conquer your fears.  Close the Sale.

This section will change your perspectives, whether you feel like your a full time sales person or not. Learn how to avoid giving away your valuable expertise for free. Get past the "Think It Over" road block, deal with objections before they become a problem and once and for all approach a prospect without the baggage of looking like a sales person. Session led by Russ Davis.

Attendees will enjoy all three sessions listed above, participate in some valuable and productive professional networking time, and enjoy a special lunch speaker that is sure to inspire. Lunch and breaks are included ... as well as all session materials.  The fee for the event is only $87 per person.

ps: Be Decisive, Speak Boldly ... and get the secret BONUS!

To get a special bonus (so secret we can't tell you, but you will be "wowed"), here's what you need to do

  1. Sign up for the event, 
  2. Follow Connectorati on Twitter
  3. Post this event to your Twitter followers (add hashtag #connectorati) and we see it ...  we will send you the free bonus (hint - you'll be a LOT smarter afterwards)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Connectorati #105 Facebook, Ralph Heredia Interview and Social Media and Business

In this episode we discuss the rapid growth of Facebook, Interview Ralph Heredia of Zipit Wireless who has developed a platform for a social media appliance and finish with a discussion of the uses of social media for business objectives.

Ralph Heredia is the Vice President of business development and co-founder of Zipit Wireless, Inc., in Greenville, S.C. He is directly responsible for all aspects of product development, innovation, research, marketing and customer/partner relationships. Heredia is also the inventor of Zipit’s first & second Wireless Messenger instant messaging devices for teens and pre-teens introduced respectively in late 2004 & and 2007.

Heredia has more than 28 years of experience in the consumer electronics, personal computer and multimedia industries. Prior to helping establish Zipit, he helped established the Consumer Media Systems division at Aeronix in 2002. In addition, he has also held management and product development positions with several mid-sized technology companies, including Escient/OpenGlobe and avACTIVE. Heredia was also the systems architecture manager for Cirrus Logic. Prior to that, he held several positions, including senior principal analyst for NCR Corporation and was a member of the technical staff at AT&T’s Bell Labs (now part of Lucent Corporation), where he worked for almost 14 years.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Connectorati #104: Startup Mistakes, Angel Investors and Taglines

In this episode the panel discusses startup mistakes and how they can be avoided then they talk with Matt Dunbar of an angel investor group, finally they wrap up with a conversation on taglines and how to get them right.


Matt DunbarMatt Dunbar is Managing Director of the Upstate Carolina Angel Network, a group of accredited investors who support high-growth startup ventures in South Carolina and the Southeast. In his role as Managing Director, Matt is responsible for the day to day operations of the investor network, including the group’s efforts to screen, select, evaluate and structure early stage equity investments.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Connectorati #103 -- Connecting with Bloggers and an Interview with Michelle Tunno Buelow

In this edition the group discusses the updated FTC guidelines for bloggers and how they might change the way Bloggers talk about products. After this discussion the group talks to guest Michelle Tunno Buelow, an entrepreneur who has used the power of publicity and Hollywood stars to propel her custom brand of children's accessories.


Michelle Tunno BuelowMichelle Tunno Buelow, Founder and CEO Bella Tunno, Charlotte, NC Finalist, Retail & Consumer Products BELLA TUNNO has, in 4 short years, gone from a hobby to a global phenomenon that is now carried in Nordstrom, Target, Baby Gap and over 4000 International and Domestic Boutiques. Michelle Tunno Buelow was having trouble finding baby accessories (smocks, bibs, burp cloths, etc.) that was reflective of her style so she began making her own designs. Much to her surprise, everyone loved them. Her innovative, fashionable and practical line of baby accessories was launched on just $6000 of savings.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Connectorati: Behind the scenes

Gil got his spy cam going and captured a bit of what goes on in the studio when we record..


Friday, April 02, 2010

Connectorati #102 -- Are we celebrating Entrepreneurs in the Media? Frank Mobley of Immedion

In this edtion of Connectorati the panel begins by discussing whether entreprenuers are being properly celebrated in the media. In the next segment, they Interview Frank Mobley, President of Immedion, about he how marshalls the scarce resources of a startup to achieve his vision for growth, and finally the group discusses what a start up business should consider when building their advisory board.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Connectorati #101 -- Connecting with Superhydrophobia, Ralph Hulseman, Hoowaki

Phil Yanov, Gil Gerretsen, and John Warner launch Connectorati. It's a conversation about technology, innovation, and making connections. In this episode we talk to a researcher turned entrepreneur. How do you make surfaces super water repellent? How do you launch a business around that? We ask Ralph Hulseman of Hoowaki how he got started down this path and how he made the connections that gave him access to this very interesting technology.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Welcome to Connectorati

Connectorati is about getting connected.  Since mid 2009 we've been talking to people who live at the intersection of technology and innovation. We've been talking to people who have made critical connections in their careers or businesses and have then leveraged those connections as they strive towards their goals.  Connectorati is primarily the collection of these conversations, and an invitation for you to listen and be a part of that community.