About Us

Connectorati is about leading the connected life.  I am not sure it was always about that exactly, but we've used our initial conversations to help cement that idea.  I've spent much of my career helping people get connected with each other.  I know I'm not alone in this, others seem naturally drawn to helping others as well.  We are a communicative species and we are naturally cooperative.  If we all help each other, then we all get closer to our goals.

Phil Yanov is chief instigator at the Connectorati. He has spent much of his career building communities and facilitating them to new achievements. He has built  and hosts the GSA Technology Council, the South Carolina IT Leadership Council, the Thinkhammer blog, and writes the Gizmos and Gadgets column for Greenville Business magazine. He hosts, along with Eric Rogers, a live radio show heard on the NPR stations in South Carolina. He is a regular contributor on technology issues to WYFF-TV and has recently received an honorable mention on the list of the Fifty Most Influential People in Greenville.

Gil Gerretsen is the resident color commentator at the Connectorati.  Many have called him an oracle - a leader who has a unique ability to divine the potential and future of businesses.  He is CEO of BizTrek International, Inc., a worldwide alliance of small business owners learning and sharing the veracity (truth and power) of 12 Triggers that always produce more customers.  He is also a popular and accomplished business speaker and has been recognized in the Who's Who directories since the mid 1990's.

with help from...

John Warner is founder of InnoVenture and publisher of the SwampFox.ws web site. Over his twenty-seven year career he has become recognized as a leader of innovation and entrepreneurship in the southeastern United States.